Counter Offers, Drop Outs and the Need for Vigilance

Counter offers are on the rise. Candidates’ susceptibility to accepting them is also increasing. In fact, there is a definite increase in candidates dropping out of processes at every stage. We are lucky to work with so many different recruitment businesses, in so many different specialist markets. This helps us to see the bigger picture across the recruitment landscape and we’ve worked with a lot of clients to increase the conversion of live jobs. Some clients haven’t been fully aware of the situation until we’ve recommended they do a six month analysis of offer conversion and interview drop outs. If…... Read more

How to Hire Recruitment Consultants

Here’s a good joke about recruitment: Why did the recruitment agency find it so difficult to hire good consultants? I don’t know, why did the recruitment agency find it so difficult to hire good consultants? Because despite the nature of their business they weren’t very good at recruiting OK. Not funny. However, a genuine irony that even some agency owners would admit to. How come we fill so many jobs with our own clients, yet fail to hire consistently good people into our own business? High demand for experienced recruitment consultants ... And not enough to go around Like so…... Read more

From Principal Consultant to Managing Director

The challenge of transitioning from fee-earner to growing a business

With 9001 new agencies incorporated in 2017 there are a lot of agencies that are between six and 18 months old (young!). Having worked with owners of those agencies who have left agencies and started their own, I recognise how important it is to generate revenues. As a good consultant it also makes sense to take the lead and develop cashflow by doing what you do best – winning work and filling it. If you are reading this and that sounds like you then hats off to you! You’ve taken the plunge and have finally done what so many other…... Read more

An MOT for Recruitment Consultants

Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than reactive maintenance

How often do you conduct a self MOT as a consultant? As a manager or business owner how often do you MOT your team? [caption id="attachment_258" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than reactive maintenance.[/caption] Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than reactive maintenance. Regular performance reviews ensure you catch habits slipping early enough to rectify them and get back on the right path. How many times have you heard an experienced consultant who’s lost a bit of form, say “I’m going back to basics”. This is the language of someone who has realised that many of the things they…... Read more

These 3 Things Are Crucial If You Want To Succeed in Recruitment This Year

As we approach the half way point of the year it makes sense to reflect on the year so far

Reaching the half way point also means you're 50% of the way to achieving this year's budget and targets. As a professional training company we work with lots of agencies in a myriad of different markets – giving us insight as to patterns across the recruitment landscape. There are three things I have been championing in training as business critical; Due to current market conditions, they have become even more important. In fact, without strategies to consistently perform well in these areas your business will suffer as we go into 2019. Client commitment Developing a candidate pipeline Adding value for…... Read more