Counter Offer Prevention and Management Self Delivery Workshop

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It can be heartbreaking to get so close to success only to find that the candidate has agreed to stay where they are.

Counter offers can take different forms – often the most powerful do not involve any inducement to stay through payrise.

The time to get really good at dealing with counter offers is not when they happen. It is to pre-emptively ensure that you have a candidate who will successfully resign and leave, despite the potential counter offer scenario.


Workshop outline

This self delivery workshop will guide you through teaching:

When to begin the counter offer conversation

Why assuming it will be financial incentives can damage your success

How counter offers work and therefore how to counter them!

Recognising those who are susceptible to counter offer

How to roleplay the counter offer with your candidate


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Developing a facilitator style

Session aims and learning objectives

Questions and answers


Teaching Tips

This workshop has been developed specifically for you to deliver internally to your own teams of consultants and resourcers.

The content is presented to show areas of discussion and prompts to help you keep the discussion flowing.

As with questions asked in training, hold back from giving delegates the answers.

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