Habit Formation

Forming new habits is an important part of embedding new learning. With new skills and ideas comes the need to develop good practice routines. It is alleged that practice will make perfect. This is a mistruth. The reality is that practice makes permanent. If you accidently practice doing something to an average standard, that will become your permanent behaviour. Unpicking bad habits can be far more difficult that simply embedding new ones. to create the habits and behaviours that will make you a consistent lead geenrator and convertor you will need to practice with purpose. Purposeful practice is best achieved through setting goals and working on that skill with opportunities for multiple repetition. If a tennis player wants to improve their cross court back hand then they are likely to practice this with repetition. The same for a recruiter.

Want to get better at flipping a reference call into a sales call to get a meeting? (backhand cross court) Then do a minimum of five in a row

Avoid, whilst in purposeful practice mode –

Reference call, advert call, PTR, NGJ manager, PTR, advert call, candidate update

That’s the same as –

Serve, forehand, backhand cross court, volley, backhand cross court, forehand, smash

All of that? It’s a match!

To get good as a recruitment consultant, take the opportunity to practice the same shot in succession. Plan your sales activity to create micro practice routines. Focus on learning and taking it into the next call. Repetition is the mother of all skill. Repetition is the mother of all skill.

When you’ve practiced, with purpose and it becomes a part of the fabric of your recruiter muscle memory, then you are match fit. Then you can run a day with agility moving from task to task recalibrating your system by using the muscle memory you’ve developed to make it look oh so easy to your colleagues.

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