Evidence to the benefits of one more interview

When we find ourselves in a position where a client is willing to give us the opportunity to work on a requirement we are on the road to making some money. There has yet to be a single consultant I have trained with who does not want to fill the requirements they generate. Everyone wants to succeed, yet at times make the job more difficult for themselves.

Interviews = placements.

Therefore more interviews = more placements! So get one more interview per requirement.

So before we get into this Quick Win mission, first some evidence as to the benefits of “one more interview”.

Imagine a consultant with 6 live requirements and the following number of interviews taking place (with the remainder being arranged by the competition):

1/3  +  2/4  +  3/5  +  2/3  +  1/3  +  1/3

Probability of filling ALL of these requirements?  0.75% (yes, nought point seven five!)

With one more interview per job at the expense of the competition?

2/3  +  3/4  +  4/5  +  3/3  +  2/3  +  2/3

Probability of filling ALL of these requirements now?  18% (yes, a 24 fold increase with one more interview).