1. What do you create for your customers?

This may sound like a crazy question to ask you. The reality is, few consultants know what they create. There is a difference between what you do and what you create.

At a transactional level, you fill jobs. There are 1000’s of recruiters out there trying to compete with the message – work with me, I specialise in filling jobs in [ENTER SECTOR]. Your sector might be an industry, or a skillset or a geographical area. It could even be a blend of all three.

Your prospects don’t care what you do. They get calls frequently from recruiters who have the same claim. They probably already have a preferred supplier who does that for them.

What they care about is the outcome you create, because of what you do.

Here are a selection of examples of the outcomes a good recruiter delivers to their customers by helping them hire good people.

“I help transport managers ensure their fleet is always out delivering to customers”

“I focus on ensuring production managers maintain maximum productivity levels”

“I help development managers create high performing teams of skilled engineers”

“I give sales directors an unfair advantage over their competitors”


What are the outcomes your hires create for your customers?

Would prospects find that more engaging than talking to a recruiter who specialises in filling jobs in a specific niche?

Use the Download: What do you create for your customers? to pull together your ideas before moving onto the next lesson.