3. Creating Personas

Who are the people that you are seeking to build relationships with?

Imagine that there were three distinct profiles of potential customer that you were regularly communicating with:

  • Human Resources Managers
  • Hiring Managers (e.g. Heads of Engineering)
  • Business Owners

All three have different missions in their business. All three will have differing values and goals related to their job function.

So why would we sell to them in the same way?

Developing the persona of a fictional decision maker will help you to make sure you are communicating the right messages, to the right people in the right language.

The buying motives, goals and expectations of the owner of an Engineering Design Consultancy are going to be different to those of a HR Manager in a mid-sized Medical Device Business.

Create a minimum of three personas of the prospects you are going to be selling to. You’ll see your sales blossom as you become more relevant to those you communicate with on social media, via email and over the phone.


We’ve created a Persona Worksheet with some added questions and prompts to help you focus on the seven areas above and create a series of personas reflecting the individuals you will encounter.