4. Sales Content Planner [Monthly]

Your sales activity is likely to take place across more than one tool or platform. As you embrace the use of social media into your sales channels, it is important that you plan your content strategy.

At the beginning of each month, plan your sales goals. What is the primary focus for the month? Developing existing clients? Winning more retained? Securing work that leads to multiple temps out? Growing your contract offering?

Once you know the goal, plan the key messages and channels you will be using.

What will you be sharing on Linkedin? What can you plan to do each week to showcase your capabilities and subject matter expertise?

What is your email strategy? What campaigns will you run through your database? What will you be promoting in your email follow ups?

What is your phone strategy for the month? What will be your primary call types? What prospecting will you be doing? What will be your discussion points and sales hooks?

Below is an example of a sales content strategy map for a consultant who will be using Linkedin, Email and the Phone to help them achieve their sales goal of:

Getting job flow moving, focusing on A-grade jobs and opening 3 new accounts

The Primary Content describes the main conversation topics that are “right now” – what are people talking about? They can also be our predictions as to what will happen in the near future. Sharing information about hot topics is on trend. Sharing your opinion and interpretation creates SME (subject matter expertise) and thought leadership.

The Micro Content then describes the daily interactions that will happen. For example, on Linkedin these could be reactions and comments to immediate events and other contributors posts. It is likely that your email and phone strategies will be more evergreen in nature, meaning they will have a similar structure from month to month but these will still need to be updated with the latest data and case studies.


Use the downloadable Monthly Sales Content Planner to develop a more targeted, strategic approach to your sales activity for the coming month.