7. Dealing with Objections and Rebuttals

What are the most common objections that you hear?

What do you think is the reason they come up?

There is a finite number of objections or ways that a prospect could say no.

Catalogue them and then create your antidote catalogue. Few recruiters have a prepared rebuttal script or question stack to deal with objections. They tend to have a favourite that is their “method” for the objection. The more choice you provide yourself, the better.

To build your own objection handling pack, start with a list of the objections. ONLY write down the objections that you hear. Inventing them only makes it even more challenging.

Objections fall into three main categories:

TAPES: Auto responses where the contact responds to your sales tape with their response tape. Change your tape and they won’t have a rep-recorded message to play back.

FOB OFFS: Excuses that are more polite than go away but mean exactly the same thing.

OBJECTIONS: Reasons not to buy now, buy from you or change vendor.


On the worksheet we have provided, write down your most common objections and decide which category they fall into. Once you’ve done that, then consider what you could say to either:

  • Acknowledge it
  • Embrace it
  • Flip it
  • Challenge it

Remember – it is very rare to successfully argue someone into changing their mind.