Getting fit – being match ready, requires consistent training. As a recruitment professional the job can be quite sedentary. Sat at a desk, eating biscuits and drinking tea. That’s OK. This isn’t about your physical fitness. It’s your recruitment fitness. (Please note your physical fitness is important to us at Talent Builder and we do recommend daily exercise to keep the mind sharp and the heart healthy).

During the course of a working day it is important that you enter a state of recruitment cardio. A cardio session in the morning and a cardio session in the afternoon as a minimum. Each cardio session needs to be planned and in between, recovery exercises completed. Much like going to the gym – high impact bursts of activity with the right recovery sessions will build fitness. Your desk, your business is alive. Without exercise you can become fat. Apathy, fatigue and blame get the better of you and nothing happens with any real energy.

Get sharp with me in this session – get focused on why you are doing what you do (there are easier ways to earn your basic salary than recruitment). Good commission and bonus awaits those who are going to burn calories and invest in their market. I can help you, only you can make sure you are doing the right exercises to the right standards.

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