This is a life skill everyone could get better at. The art of negotiation begins with your own mindset. What you believe has a direct impact on how you feel and act. If you don’t believe that your services are worth a certain amount, how will you convince someone else that they are? If you think the jobs you are working on aren’t paying enough money, then how will you get someone else to believe it? In my experience, the biggest issue for most recruitment professionals isn’t the clients and candidates they are engaging with, it is themselves. Most recruiters have all of the skills to become great negotiators. There are recruiters out there (points out the window) who are better at negotiating with their manager as to why they should give a client a discount than they are at convincing the end Client that they shouldn’t. Belief systems in motion – the skill is there but the will isn’t… This video is accompanied by a number of useful tools. I recommend that you watch it frequently. Everyone can remember the killer deal they once struck – that incident doesn’t make you a master negotiator. NOTE: Make sure you watch the video to the very end to get your lesson points and progress towards your pillars badge.