Life skill for a recruitment professional #1. There is nothing more important to achieve mastery at than qualification. Your results are directly linked to the quality of understanding you have of your clients, their jobs, the candidates you work with (and don’t) and the processes you manage. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE IS SUBJECT TO THE QUALITY OF YOUR QUALIFICATION. Sorry for shouting. I just want to make sure we’re clear. Good qualification drives good quality results. The skill set is relatively simple – ask a good question, listen to the answer and dig deeper until you feel like you’ve got the understanding required to predict success. The most important thing to remember – ask open questions to gather information: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? You know this already. That doesn’t mean you have automatically translated it into behaviour. This is level 1. Getting good requires listening to the answer to the previous question. The next question is often hidden in plain sight – it’s in the answer to the question you just asked. Watch the video. Download the question generator and examples. Commit fully to becoming a master practitioner at qualification. NOTE: Make sure you watch the video to the very end to get your lesson points and progress towards your pillars badge.