The Beast

What? Just what, exactly, is the beast? We all have the beast inside us. The beast is the engine that drives us to exceed in a task. The beast helps us to dig deep and get clarity on what we are doing and why we are doing it. The beast isn’t a bad thing. It’s our “dig deep and get it done” Sherpa. Few of us can stay in beast mode all of the time. Beast mode is high energy – some of us may go into beast mode when we feel under pressure to deliver. Our internal affirmations come from the beast: “Dig deep Snell, you can do this” “It’s time to put your big boy pants on and make shit happen” “This is a big pitch, knock ‘em dead” You know what I mean. The voice in your head who tells you it’s beast time. When we go into this mode, we often enter a state of flow. We feel the power and the results we generate can feel effortless. On fire. When you get into this state of flow, keep going – pick up a new job with a new client? Make another sales call, you’re in the right state to win another and another. I trust you get the drift. The beast isn’t about aggressive combat with clients. It’s a state of mind. An air of being in the right state of mind to work with determination. Stopping the distractions, the procrastination and getting it done. We all can release the beast. Not everyone does it enough. NOTE: Make sure you watch the video to the very end to get your lesson points and progress towards your pillars badge.