The driver for deals, decisions and the underlying competency that creates success.   This pillar is all about you. Your own urgency and how you apply it to your work. Knowing when to apply urgency and how to maintain it is a skill you can learn and develop. One of the biggest mistakes I see consultants make is not applying enough urgency or maintaining it for long enough. The banter is right – snooze you lose. These are the most common activities where I see failure to act with urgency: No doubt you can recall instances where perhaps you’ve lost momentum or even a placement due to your own lack of urgency. I get it though. There’s always a stack of things to get done and not enough time in the day. On the other side of the coin, this is where I most commonly see consultants applying too much urgency that turns into rushing. A desire to get it done and move on.
  • Negotiating with clients, that turns into a haggle at best
  • Planning sales activity – rushed this turns into a list build of people to call
  • Candidate aftercare – quick welfare check ins don’t count as professional aftercare
  • Qualification of live jobs and new candidates
  • Preparing for a client meeting
  • Written communication
There is a time to speed up – working with pace and urgency. There is a time to slow down – to be more deliberate and to embrace the activity. More purpose with everything. In this video I will share with you thoughts and ideas as to how you can apply the right levels of urgency to the right task. Ultimately, together we can help you to become more productive.