Video Sales Messages, Structure, Dos and Don’ts

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Video Sales Messages, Structure, Dos and Don’ts

5th November 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Video can be used as a sales medium, with opportunities to use it both overtly and covertly. It is important to ensure that you create messages that engage and get people to take action. This session will give you the wireframe to build your sales messages around and help you to standout from others.
  • Overt use of video – publishing in the public domain
  • Covert use of video – sending micro videos to clients and prospect candidates
  • Creating messages one to one and one to many
  • The core structure for a sales message
  • Getting it right with what to do and not

This session has now passed.

Talent Builder members can find a recording in the LIVE Archive.

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