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7 Ways to Charge More

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There is a definite shift in the recruitment market – consistently we are hearing that job flow has dropped. There’s still business out there and opportunities to win new clients. It’s just not the same super vigorous market of the previous 2 years.As business owners and experienced recruiters we know how important pricing is – […]

Getting the Most Out of Video

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Video is everywhere. TikTok, Facebook reels, Instagram, Youtube and (of course) Linkedin. There’s a reason why it’s so prolific – the world loves it. Recruitment is prime for video. Using it was a differentiator two years ago. Now adoption is increasing differentiation comes from the quality of messaging and how you use it. I’m going […]

How to Fill Jobs – The fun way

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I promise I won’t talk about retainers at all in this session. There’s enough conversation out there in the world about the benefit of retained… Let’s look at the springboard that gets jobs filled quickly. I call it Sprint #1. The first sprint sets you up for success through the process and reduces the chances […]