In less than 60 seconds you could be building your plan to consistent success, starting immediately.

Download the 34 page guide to creating a pipeline of work that converts into placements.

Everyone has the opportunity to become more consistent, fewer are willing to do what it takes to change it and let the ebb and flow of the economy dictate their results.

In this market it is important you are using the right tactics to ensure you successfully fill the roles you are working.

With so many variables in the recruitment process, it can be easy to allow ourselves to find the excuses why a placement didn’t go our way –

“It’s not my fault the client didn’t tell me about the internal candidate”

“How was I to know the candidate was in another process – I did ask!”

Taking ownership of the outcomes gives you control of your business.

This guide will help you to build a reliable, consistent pipeline of placements that stick.

Who doesn’t want a list of happy customers who come back and spend more money?

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