If you drive a car you’ll understand the need for a service and an MOT. Much cheaper to replace the brake pads than have to replace all of the discs because you’ve let the pads wear down to nothing and they’ve eaten into the brake discs…

How often do you conduct a self MOT as a consultant? As a manager or business owner how often do you MOT your team?

Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than reactive maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than reactive maintenance. Regular performance reviews ensure you catch habits slipping early enough to rectify them and get back on the right path. How many times have you heard an experienced consultant who’s lost a bit of form, say “I’m going back to basics”.

This is the language of someone who has realised that many of the things they used to do that made them successful are no longer being done as consistently. Corners have been cut and it has impacted on their results. Only, it has taken time for them to manifest themselves as poor billings. Time for them to become bigger issues than if they had been identified earlier.

So what can a good MOT do for a consultant?

An MOT provides a health check of a consultants desk, across all of the Key Result Areas that create consistent fees. Namely:

  • Client acquisition (new clients)
  • Client development (getting greater levels of spend and commitment)
  • Candidate attraction
  • Candidate relationship management
  • Job control and portfolio management

Across all of the above there are specific tasks and activities that contribute to success. Reviewing how each of these are approached and executed will help identify blind spots before they become issues. As a manager this was a quarterly activity that I would conduct with consultants – reviewing each of the above with them at desk. I would take time to look at their planning and strategy to help ensure they focused their energies on the right activities. This was a supportive exercise that helped them to reflect on what they were seeking to achieve and how they planned to do that over the coming three months to get there.

From this a personal development plan can be created, identifying key training and coaching initiatives that will ensure that there is both personal development opportunities for the consultant and that the entire business is become performance focused rather than results obsessed.

We have put together a comprehensive MOT for consultants that you can download. You will find it over on the right hand side of this page. Feel free to implement in full or relevant sections that you think are most valuable for you and your business.

Drop us an email if you have any questions or feedback on using it.



Written by

Jeremy Snell


12 June 2018


Consultant MOT (pdf)