Hi – I’m Jeremy and I teach recruiters the profitable action steps that are required to become a productive and efficient recruiter. If you want to enjoy a work life balance without having to work every hour to get stuff done and still produce consistent results, then we should work together.

For 10 years I’ve worked as an independent trainer and coach, working with medium to large recruitment agencies, sharing tactics and strategies to help consultants achieve exceptional results. The reality is, you would only have met me if you worked for an agency who was willing to bring me into their business and pay my day rate.

This meant that at any one time, I could only serve around 200 consultants in a month. I could only serve those whose employers had engaged with me on a change programme.

Then Covid-19 hit …..

All of the future training events I had scheduled for the year got cancelled.

I had nothing – no future work, no pipeline.

I had to do something quick. So, I started a membership site called recruitinginlockdown.com (you may even have joined it). Within eight weeks of lockdown I was serving 1,000 recruiters. Sharing ideas, creating tactics to get through tough times. The engagement and feedback was so powerful and it was so rewarding personally.

That’s when it hit me.

My purpose is to serve more people.

To help more recruiters get good enough at this job that they can have happy, healthy fulfilled lives in and out of work. I realized I could share with a larger audience what I had only been able to share with a select few before. An audience who could put ideas into practice immediately and feel the results.

A year ago a day of my time would require an investment of £1500+ This was prohibitive for the smaller agencies and certainly put me out of reach of individual consultants.

Now? Now I can share fresh tactics and strategies for a fraction of that cost. An investment of £20 per month, that’s just £1 per working day to help you –

  • Win good clients who want to work with you
  • Create a work life balance that you desire
  • Achieve more by doing less
  • Become a skilled sales person that prospects want to engage with
  • Finally become productive and not just be busy and always on the chase

Join me and many other recruitment professionals who have chosen to take more control and empower themselves through a learning journey and community to help them generate results.