Wowing Customers to Grow Repeat Business

Welcome to Stage Four which is all about Wowing Customers to Grow Repeat Business.

The experience of working with agencies can leave clients and candidates feeling a little flat. There, I said it. The typical recruitment experience is poor. This gifts us an amazing opportunity to wow customers through the delivery of exceptional experiences throughout the entire journey. When you map out the journey you take your customers on, from first touch then you can identify the moments where you can truly wow them.


The easiest people to sell to are existing customers. Yet many agencies slip quickly into delivery mode and become very reactive to their clients needs. Stay on your toes and continue to deliver a proactive service. Sales is as appropriate for an existing customer as it is for a prospect.


Feedback is the breakfast of champions. When you seek out feedback from everyone (not just your successes) you get real insight as to what you need to do more of, what can be improved and how to increase the quality of the experience you provide to current and future customers. Don’t be shy – you’ll love the outcomes it generates for you.


Having made placements, you now have a business you can call a customer. Excellent service alone will not convert more business. A proactive plan to grow more business and explore the opportunity to hire in different teams and other locations will make it happen quicker. Such a simple way to increase profits quickly.



In many agencies candidates are the forgotten customer. Many times, I have heard clients say they won’t work with specific agencies because of their own candidate experience. Think deeply about the lifetime value of every relationship and you’ll quickly see the benefit of wowing the candidates you interact with. They are the dudes in the market who will make you business famous for the right reasons.

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