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    Jeremy Snell

    Have you watched my video about becoming an idea machine?

    Creativity is one of the best ways to get out of a crisis. Seriously, creativity and innovation are key to the current situation. My challenge for you is to come up with 10 ideas every day. They don’t even have to be good ideas.

    Think of something you would like to solve or make better or improve beyond fabulous. How would you do it?

    Write down 10 ideas. Do it every day on a different subject and your idea muscle will grow.

    I am going to write 10 ideas for 10 different problems every day. Can you do that?

    Jeremy Snell

    10 ways to get clients to take your call –

    1. Be famous – be the name that resonates with them for all of the cool, relevant stuff you share
    2. Be compelling – voicemail messages need to be less than 30 seconds and give purpose
    3. Send a curiosity driven email of < 50 words 4. Be certain that they want to talk to you - breeze through the gatekeeper 5. Get your time of day right - for them rather than for you 6. Be tenacious - try 3 times before you drop to email 7. Get referred - name dropping helps 8. Create urgency - link it to an outcome for them 9. Open the door with a reference call 10 Send a letter - the postal service still exists you know!

    Jeremy Snell

    10 Risks of hiring directly – for clients who may not even realise just what could go wrong

    1. Desperate candidates behave erratically – more consistent comms is needed
    2. High volumes of applications can mean the one you want slips through your fingers
    3. CV writing services are big right now – are you interviewing a good CV or a good prospective employee
    4. CV review only tells you 25% of the picture, you need a telephone assessment
    5. High volumes of applications means people apply without enough thought
    6. Good people who are in jobs are staying in their shell
    7. Hiring time takes longer as there is more to process
    8. Brand is damaged based upon your disengagement strategy
    9. When someone is hungry for work they will take something for the security and then look for another
    10. Hidden reasons for leaving are easy to cover up when everyone is being made redundant

    Jeremy Snell

    10 ideas to charge more –

    1. Increase the content of your offering – think about the lifecycle of your current billing range. From job registration to filled? What could you do before and after to extend the billing zone?
    2. Start at a high price – you’ll next charge 10k if you always start at 7k
    3. Make it affordable – two stages rather than one could work better for an SMEs budget
    4. Say no more often to discount requests and price match queries
    5. Up the level you work at and place higher salaried jobs or day rates
    6. Create three offerings – silver, gold and platinum. You will sell more gold when platinum exists
    7. Create up sells of additional products and/or services
    8. Charge for what you normally do for free as a premium service – e.g. free adverts or pay for dual brand
    9. Believe you’re worth it
    10. Stop worrying about other companies pricing strategy and focus on your own


    From the live session 10 Ways to Charge More – here are Jeremy’s 10 tips. Remember to share so we can help each other 😊

    1. Share your marketing plan
    2. Strengthen assessment process
    3. Increase interview support
    4. Fill more of the jobs you work (as a percentage) – work more A-Grade jobs
    5. Give your clients sole access to top candidates
    6. Build Talent Pools
    7. Become an extension of your clients on-boarding process extension
    8. Working interviews and trials
    9. Create a platinum club
    10. Quote higher!!

    Nigel Wimpenny

    10 ways to charge more some initial thoughts
    1 Design assessment centres
    2 Run assessment centres for or with clients
    3 If clients are restructuring run CV clinics/ interview skills for people facing redundancy etc
    4 Train decision makers on interview skills and on boarding
    5 Offer psychometric tests
    6 offer branded advertising in other media
    7 Offer enhanced selection feedback such as recorded interviews with cv
    8 Market information updates and wage benchmarking on a regular basis
    9 Flex fee to different payment terms- eg 14 days may be 15% 30 days 18%
    10 Run seminars with guest speakers for a cross section of clients ( clients get value from swopping experiences with people from different sectors)

    Jeremy Snell

    Great list Nigel. I like 7 a lot – a montage of answers to key questions would be really powerful.

    Idea building and 10 ideas a day is my routine and I’ve done it for over 6 years now, since I read James Altucher’s book – “Choose Yourself”

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