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    Allan Connolly

    Hello – hoping someone can advise

    I have a first meeting with hiring managers for some new roles they need filling, however this call also includes other recruiters from other firms.

    I want to ask some good questions, but wish to ask great questions off line so as to not give my competitors the same edge as well as to “add value” to the process in the hope eventually secure priority or exclusivity in future

    Is there any where on here that goes into detail about managing these meetings and the questions to ask – or can anyone provide some tips


    Jeremy Snell

    Hi Allan – great question

    Will you be able to get questions offline to the manager?

    Personally, I think that asking your questions in front of the other recruiters is a good idea. Being willing to ask questions in front of your competitors will help you to stand out. I think the benefit of your questions is more valuable than the isight it gives your competitors.

    They don’t have the internal understanding as to why you are asking what you ask and what you will do with the answer.

    I will ask people in the Whatsapp group to take a look too

    Allan Connolly

    thanks Jeremy – yes there is an understanding that the hiring managers will also answer questions offline

    Thats an interesting perspective so i will proceed and not shy away from asking the questions – are there any resources on TB that can assist me in formulating better questions?

    Adrian Davies

    Agree – you want to ask questions that make you stand out ( for the right reasons ) without giving too much of the game away.
    I wouldn’t – and don’t – ask the “recruitment” questions or “process” questions but ask the “business questions” … why does this manager need this person ? how will this person add value to the manager ? ( not sure what sector you’re in but am sure there are some skill / tech questions you can build in there ) …. someone will always ask about interview process etc. and never sure that makes them stand out for the right reasons ! …. to get the “offline meeting” / additional meeting you need to convey that your the partner to this client and understand the “pain” they are trying to take away and not another transactional recruiter. Back that up with some excellent candidate profiles and I’m sure the manager will want to talk to you !

    Allan Connolly

    thanks Adrian – that is really useful – i think i saw on site that the why questions are more important – than the what questions – hopefully none of the competing recruiters are here today ;P

    Im in the tech sector so yes i think there will be the standard skills etc asked by others

    appreciate your feedback and will update here as to how it went :S

    Adrian Davies

    Good luck 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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