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    We’ve had a few questions over the last week regarding video and the best tools to use for really maximising this as a value add for your clients and candidates – enabling you to share your expertise. So, I just wanted to put together a quick guide on the tools and platforms we use here at Talent Builder HQ to make Jeremy (and Willis) look so great!

    In terms of hardware, Jeremy uses as Logitech Brio webcam – while this certainly isn’t a cheap bit of kit it does give brilliant clear results if video is something you are going to be using a lot. That being said, many modern-day smartphones are now equipped with HD video recording which with a decent desk tripod will give great results. If talking and walking is more your thing you might also want to look at a Gimbal which stabilises video and takes out shaking.

    Once you’ve recorded your video, dependent on how much of a pro you are you may have some editing to do – sometimes even if you’ve managed to deliver your session in one go you might still want to tidy up the end and the beginning. Here we use a programme which is part of the Adobe suite called PremierPro. This enables us to chop off Jeremy’s mic tests at the start of his LIVE sessions and the Zoom waves at the end and generally tidy up the video. PremierPro also allows you to add watermarks with your logo and add text overlays – happy to go through any of these if anyone wants some help. PremierPro is available as a SaaS product for £19.97 per month.

    For our animated intros and outros we use a platform called Viddyoze. Viddyoze comprises of a series of templates which can be tailored with your colours and logo normally in no more than 3 steps. Often I find the hardest bit is choosing which template to use – beware the Viddyoze rabbit hole!

    Once our intros and outros are created we simply download the mp4 files and using PremierPro edit them onto the start and end of our video. This is now ready to be exported as a complete mp4 file like the ones you see on Talent Builder.

    The final step for us is then to upload them to Vimeo which hosts all Talent Builders videos in the cloud. From here we can embed them into the Talent Builder site as simply as adding a URL onto a webpage. If you were producing videos that you wanted to share with clients and candidates and didn’t have a webspace that you could embed the video onto you can also share a link directly via email. Vimeo has a basic free account for small amounts of video.

    While I’m certainly not the next Steven Spielberg I am more than happy to do a screenshare if anyone need any help with any aspects of this.

    Mehul Pau

    Hi Kirstie, thanks for sharing the above.

    The quality when Jeremy is hosting a Zoom is great. I wanted to invest in some tech to get the best VC experience for clients or candidates. Aside from the Logitech Brio webcam do you have any other suggestions on what I could look into?

    I am struggling with finding the right microphone & lighting. Any suggestions would be really helpful.


    Hi Mehul
    Thanks for your question regarding lighting and microphones.
    Jeremy uses a Uhuru UM900 which has a boom arm and shock mount and we’re really pleased with the sound quality. You can find it on Amazon here:

    As for the lighting we use the E Mart Soft Box Lighting Kit which again can be found on Amazon here:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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