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Saturday 27th March 2021

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Join us on Saturday 27th March 2021 for our first full day LIVE event.


Yes, that’s right, Talent Builder will be live and uninterrupted from 9:30am


Jeremy will be joined LIVE by:

Jo Lee - Managing Director of Marmalade Marketing

Together they will be covering Session 5 – Killer Smarketing Plans

A virtual event like no other. This has been built with the independent recruiter at the heart of the experience. We know that it has been tough through the pandemic for many.

As we emerge from this final lockdown, there is true optimism in the air. 2021 will be a great year for those who seize it (and seize it early).

Thrive Live ’21 is for every independent recruitment professional who wants to build a realistic, effective sales and marketing strategy.

Thrive Live ’21 is definitely for you, if –

There is a lot of noise about branding, marketing and sales currently. Thrive ’21 will help you cut through the noise and build a great plan.

How do you decide where to start?

The mission for those who join us at Thrive ’21 is simple. Together we will work through a process of building a coherent, easy to implement sales and marketing strategy to help you nail your business goals for 2021. Everything you need to know to be able to find, engage and win perfect customers who value you what you do and are willing to pay you what you know you deserve.

Imagine being able to create compelling sales and marketing campaigns that develop meaningful interactions with prospects and make it easy for them to pick you as their partner of choice.

No more intensive cold calling (you’d probably decided to leave that anyway)

The end of battling with clients to get them to see the value in your pricing strategy

Maximum confidence to apply empathy driven automated campaigns to engage with prospects

What to expect ...

Jeremy will be joined by special guests to share with you, first hand, how you can master the art of blending your sales, marketing and customer experience strategies to become a Master Smarketeer.

Total focus on building your business and getting the most out of the pent up demand that will be released in April as businesses recruit in abundance.


Every participant will be sent a Swag Pack through the post, with the toolkit you’ll need for the session.

Together, live, we will build out a plan that you can then implement with maximum energy to grow your business and secure the business you know you deserve.

In every session we will take a concept, build out a tactical plan and you will then work on bringing it to life in the context of your market. In discussion sessions with peers, you will support each other as you craft your ideas and build something magical.


Let’s kick this off with energy and enthusiasm. We’ve gathered together to do something special. Together we will make this a day to savour. Interactive business building with peers who have the same goals as you – to get the most out of their business and build a robust Smarting plan.

SESSION 1 - Building Your Brand

Brand is everything. You know that already right? How do we build it? How can we be more consistent with making sure we are known for the right things? This session will help you to decide what you wish to be famous for and how you will make it happen. Starting today.

SESSION 2 - Attracting Ideal Customers

How well do you know who your ideal client is? When you are clear on the profile of the ideal customer everything you communicate is designed to talk to that person. This session ensure you have total clarity on who you want to do business with and how you will be able to make it easy for them to pick you as their recruitment partner.

SESSION 3 - How to WOW Customers

The experience you provide to your customers drives their perceptions of you. Referrals to other clients and candidates, repeat business and increasing spend are all symptoms of a great customer experience. When you have mapped out the WOW moments you can make them happen more consistently

SESSION 4 - Crafting Your Proposition

The eternal question (that few recruiters can answer well) is “Why should I do business with you?” This dep dive session will take you to the heart of what you do and give you the tools to create a compelling proposition that stands you out from the other agencies you used to compete with.

SESSION 5 - Killer Smarketing Plans

Recruitment has been more and more marketing driven throughout the pandemic. Today, the most successful recruiters are those who have blended their sales and marketing into a conjoined process. A Smarketing plan to engage with prospects that converts good business. This session is packed full of tactics and ideas to help you develop your own Smarketing plan with cutting edge technology.

Special Guest:

Jo Lee

Managing Director of Marmalade Marketing


All great things come to an end. You now have exactly what you need to take a powerful message to the market, increase average customer spend, engage with more prospects and build high value talent pools.

[Finish approx 4pm]


The entire virtual event will be hosted live using Zoom. Each session will unpack tactics and ideas to help you build something that is unique to your business. All incorporating your voice, your propositions and your ideal client at the heart of it.

The activity pack will become your roadmap to build your strategy. Your strategy then roadmaps your tactical approach to success.

This is NOT a day of seminars, from which you have to then unpick a plan. This is the blueprint of a successful recruitment business in a modern, post pandemic world.

It is going to be awesome.

Miss this at your peril.

Because ...

After the challenges of the last 12 months, you owe it to yourself and your business.

Because ...

It's time to invest in working on your business, rather than constantly striving to work in it.

Because ...

What you can achieve at Thrive Live ’21 will be the foundations for success for 2021 ... and beyond.

Book your place today ...

Finally, If you –

Find yourself making promises that never get fully kept about sales and marketing

Are left feeling confused by the amount of technology that is out there to choose from

Are pushed and pulled in different directions by all of the so called “experts” telling you what to do with conflicting agendas

Never have enough time to focus on your business plan and associated tactics to bring it to life


It promises to be the best thing an independent recruiter can invest in this year.