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A Success Roadmap

To help you identify exactly what you need to do, right now, to achieve your goals

A Community

Of Independent Recruiters from solopreneurs to those looking to scale and grow.

A Membership

Where I share practical steps to build a sustainable, profitable recruitment business.

A Resource Hub

Where you can access training and coaching to help you move forwards.

A Learning Platform

With a difference - content specific to the Independent Recruiter

Life as an independent recruiter can be rewarding and challenging in equal measure. There is so much to do. The list of tasks to be done each day can make it difficult to see the wood for the trees.

  • What do I need to focus on?
  • How do I move my business forwards?

If you feel busy, yet question if you are doing it the right way. If you think there must be better way to achieve what you want but don’t know where to start. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of things to do and struggle to prioritise what needs to be done, then Talent Builder is for you.

Imagine being able to know exactly what you need to do, right now to move your business forward. Being able to picture, with total clarity how you are going to build a client base who values you and what you do, to then attract and engage with a consistent stream of good candidates.

And when you look at where you are now, if you feel that you’d benefit from greater clarity. More direction on what you need to do to grow your business. To build the agency you want to own that provides you with the income you want this is what Talent Builder delivers, every day, to the members.

Clarity. Direction. Certainty of purpose.

These are nice things to feel.

Because they build businesses.

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Who am I?

My name is Jeremy Snell and I created Talent Builder, specifically for independent recruiters to help them create awesome strategies to build great businesses.

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t claim to be a recruitment wizard or guru. What I do have is the experience of helping grow multiple recruitment businesses – in headcount, revenues, profits and footprint. I’ve also helped business owners exit through sale or MBO.

I’ve spent most of my working life working in the recruitment industry.

You may well have seen me sharing content on Linkedin about recruitment. I can be quite opinionated – I consider myself a champion of best practice. Of ethical recruitment. A champion of the independent recruiters who I believe are the backbone of the industry.

It’s important to share with you why I think you will put your trust in me. I’ve trained over 10,000 recruiters in 19 different countries how to be more productive and efficient.

I’ve seen first hand what it takes to succeed and how to help others to create their own route to be the best versions of themselves.

I’d like to share these roadmaps and tactics with you.

What is possible?

There’s no easy route to success. I can share all of the ideas, tactics and strategies as to how you can grow your business.

It’s for you to do the push ups.

Because it’s all about action. The principle of Talent Builder is simple …

Learn then do

Because when you do something, even if it’s baby steps, you’re moving forward.

That’s what you can expect from Talent Builder – the opportunity to digest content, follow a roadmap to implement it and experience real results.

Talent Builder provides a community of other business owners and recruiters the opportunity to share ideas, bounce around thoughts and share successes. Talent Builder attracts recruiters who are willing to support each other.

As they do this they also grow and learn. It’s a collaborative environment (if you want to get involved).

Right now there are members who credit Talent Builder for helping them:

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Join our FREE learning community – Recruiters Growth Club – and you’ll be the first to know as soon as we reopen our doors.

We only do this a handful of times a year and only for 5 days at a time so you don’t want to miss it.

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To Become a Part of the Community

Independent Recruiters who are all on their journey to building their business - sharing ideas and supporting each other.

Live Training Events Every Week

Join me online to dissect key tactics to build core skills that are relevant for the market place we find ourselves in today.

Live Q&A Sessions

Because there is nothing worse than having a question and that question lingering and preventing you from moving forward.

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That equates to less than £1.50 a day,

not even a coffee …

If you can’t justify £1.50 a day to invest in the development of you and your business then …

well I don’t know what to say.

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