Frequently Asked Questions About Talent Builder

If this is a question then this site is definitely for you! I created Talent Builder to help you, the consultant, discover how to work smarter by focusing on the right tasks. By doing so you’ll break the constant cycle of being too “busy” to learn new techniques that save you more time – see the cycle? At no point do I expect you to spend hours and hours on the Talent Builder site. Everything I share with you is designed for you to take away and put into practice in the real world. Content varies from 5 minute videos and articles, 40-minute in-depth lessons, regular live training events or even just drop into The Bar and ask a question to the Talent Builder community.

Talent Builder is not designed to conflict with anything your employer provides you with. What Talent Builder will do is compliment and enhance the existing training you receive by giving you the opportunity to focus on the areas of interest and importance to you.

Nope! The Talent Builder community is made up of recruiters from around the world. All united by the same goal of wanting to achieve more and ultimately make more money – be that Pounds, Euros or Dollars!

I develop Talent Builder content every day – reflecting and responding to the changes in todays recruitment market. It isn’t about this content being basic it’s about this content being relevant for now! Regardless of how long you’ve been in recruitment or how many years of experience you have unless you are literally the Chuck Norris of Recruitment I promise you’ll find something to help!

Abso-bloody-lutely! I was once new to recruitment too (after a spell as a Wine Taster and a stint in Ibiza) by joining Talent Builder you have the opportunity to bypass all the mistakes I made and kick start your career. What are you waiting for?

They certainly are! All live sessions are recorded and hosted on Talent Builder for you to watch on demand as many times as you like.

I am 100% available to help at any time – Phone, Email, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Carrier Pigeon! Get in touch and I will help you out. Talent Builder members also accrue points for interacting with content such as working through missions which you can trade in for 1-2-1 coaching with me. Be warned if you turn up at the house – I may ask you to pull on a pair of wellies and help me with the geese before I talk recruitment!

He sure is! His name is Willis (yes – as in Goose Willis), he is a white African Goose and he lives on our farm with his sister Uno (imaginatively named as she was the first to hatch). He loves shoelaces and chasing the chickens.

They hatched on 6th May 2020 just as I was creating my first thoughts around the Talent Builder website so he was a natural mascot for the site. His parents Hamish and Morag live in our garden along with his Aunt Agnes.

Yes – you are in control of your subscription payment and can cancel at any time – although we’re pretty confident you’ll want to stick around for a while.