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Talent Builder is the definitive product that creates a structured approach to learning on the job. Many highly successful consultants learnt their trade through doing. Talent Builder hones participants skills through blending bite size training modules with relevant activities and coaching to develop excellence. You’re fully aware of participants learning journey – You know what has been trained, coached and implemented every step of the way. You can be secure in the knowledge that you know exactly what messages have been shared and what is expected of them. Talent Builder is branded with your artwork. It becomes your product, your training for your  business. Over time you can add additional modules, amend content and it will evolve with your organisation. Clients tell us that it is the perfect vehicle to create an engaging development programme for new hires in their first 12 weeks. You own Academy in a box! Easy to follow and deliver – written for non-trainers to create engaging training sessions to inspire and develop participants.

Talent Builder distils the essence of what it takes to succeed and provides participants with the foundation to become exceptional performers. Supported by a leading recruitment industry training business you receive support throughout the lifetime of your use of the product to ensure you get maximum return on your investment. You can also access additional external training that mirrors the key messages, to take your semi experienced consultants on a journey to become your top billers. And, with Leadership Talent Builder, you can develop your future leaders so when the time comes for them to step up, they are fully prepared for leadership.

What is Talent Builder? The only product that helps you grow your recruitment business through consistent performance based training for a single one time payment.

As a business owner and/or Principal Consultant you’re busy. We get that – you need something that allows you to review and manage consultants’ development at arms length without applying the “sink or swim” approach. If you work in a specialist market, it is likely to be competitive – getting your new hires up to speed and good enough to engage with clients and candidates is imperative. Talent Builder provides all of the tools they will need – standard forms, question stacks, call structures and objection rebuttals.

You know how to do the job yourself and have probably done it for years, yet you’ve not delivered a large amount of training in the past. If you want (and need) people to be contributing to the business from day 1 Talent Builder gets participants on the phone and adding value immediately.

You have aspirations to grow and know that consistent training of new hires will be critical to your company’s success. Many of our clients have hired, trained and retained new consultants every year to grow their business from 4 or 5 heads to over 20, 30 and even 40.

You’ll love Talent Builder if your own experience of training has been hit and miss – if you learnt most of what you know on the job and from others around you rather than formal training then Talent Builder will be a breath of fresh air. Taking all of the best techniques of successful consultants, the principles of learning through doing and structuring on-the-job training Talent Builder develops consultants quickly and consistently.

If you’ve taken too many punts on new hires who haven’t worked out (over 40% of new hires leave in the first 12 months) Talent Builder gives you the roadmap and processes to hire, develop and retain good people.

We learn the most by doing the job – Talent Builder develops skills and provides activities to convert knowledge into behaviour. The biggest challenge we hear from business owners about training is that it doesn’t last. People leave training and then revert to their old behaviours. Talent Builder ensures that purposeful practice is focused on embedding behaviours rather than knowledge. There are a lot of experienced consultants out there who know how to do the job (knowledge) yet only a small percentage consistently do it to that standard (behaviour). Clients in multiple businesses have told us that frequently their Talent Builder trained consultants out-perform the experienced consultants in their business.

With Talent Builder, as the owner manager, you deliver bite sized pieces of training then get your consultants putting it into practice immediately. Roleplay assessments provide structure to feedback and coaching to increase improvement rates. Training is delivered in small chunks, to give participants the opportunity to digest and implement new skills before learning the next. Participants tell us that they love the blended approach to learning in the training room and on the sales floor. Talent Builder also includes a structured One-to-one review format to help you keep consultants on track. Should you need to bounce ideas or discuss participants progress we offer telephone and email support whenever you need it!


When you take on a trainee there is a need for them to be trained. Just because you can send them on a two-day intensive course or a “Recruitment 101” induction doesn’t make them the finished article. By owning the delivery of the training and the associated coaching and performance development you will achieve far greater levels of success in growing your own people to become the best consultants for your business. Every client who uses Talent Builder tells us they feel they have greater levels of control, more certainty they know what has been trained and what they can fairly expect their new hires to be able to do.

Training from you gives you the opportunity to add your own war stories and anecdotes from your business about what it takes to truly succeed. Whatever route you choose to follow to hire and develop trainees you have a commitment to make sure you provide them with the best opportunity to succeed. In our professional opinion, If you don’t have time to train them then you probably shouldn’t be hiring them.

Talent Builder has been written and developed specifically for non trainers to be able to deliver it to a high standard. Every module has a clear roadmap as to how to run the session, guide facilitated discussion and ensure that all participants get the most out of the programme – including you as the lead trainer and business owner.

How much interaction can you really get from an online video? Engagement is critical to building the right learning experience. Nothing beats (despite the technology that exists today) two way discussion, dialogue and debate. Even e-learning professionals will tell you that video content needs to be short – attention is hard to maintain whilst viewing a screen without human engagement. We’ve looked at it and seriously entertained hosting it online. We’ve yet to see a solution that would be the right offering for our clients. It would be easier for us and the monthly subscription creates a business case for us.We put the participant first and, for that reason, maintain our assertion that micro training sessions delivered with passion cannot be replicated online.

To deliver Consultant Talent Builder from start to finish for a 360 consultant takes 32 hours of time for the lead trainer over a 12 week period. This includes delivery and associated roleplays. There is also a need to provide at desk coaching that requires you to be close enough to your trainees to see and hear them doing the job. The more trainees you hire at what time the greater the return you get from you 32 hours of training delivery. I.e. it takes 32 hours to take one person through the programme of three in parallel.

Certainly! In fact many clients use the modules to create bespoke training initiatives for experienced team members. In fact, getting your experienced team members to deliver specific modules will help them to become more knowledgeable – it is said we remember 90% of what we train others to do!

Yes and no. This is a little more complex. We can work with you to develop bespoke timelines based upon the experience levels of those you are hiring. If your business is job rich and candidate shy it makes sense to invest more time in developing the resourcing skills of your team. In fact, that is why we developed the resourcer development programme as well as the 360 consultant Talent Builder. With a little bit of tweaking we can quickly have a timeline and programme that is fit for your business.

The success of the programme is linked to three things:
1. The quality of people you hire – follow our guide to hiring and you will have the right attitudes and attributes to predict success.
2. The commitment you make as the business owner to delivering the training in the right timescales and conducting the right level of coaching and follow up. Rushing through the programme can inhibit the learning experience.Plus making sure that you deliver the training when you promise. If you move training because other things come up you are conditioning your trainees to see the training to be lower value.
3. Follow up – after each session making sure you are able to see and hear your trainees doing the job in real life and you give constructive feedback. Our Manager Guide gives you insight as to how to coach properly and deliver impactful feedback to help your trainees get better, quicker.

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For us Talent Builder is doing exactly what it says on the tin – proving extremely effective in taking our newest talent right through from green to competent within those first crucial 12 weeks.

Bob Smith

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