Growing a Healthy Business

Welcome to Stage Five which is all about Growing a Healthy Business.

Growing your business can be exciting and scary in equal measure. Employing people. Commitment to wages, finding enough work for everyone and making sure you don’t lose sight of the bottom line can all weigh heavily on the shoulders of an independent recruiter.


Growth of agencies can instantly create images of hiring consultants. Growth is about growing profits. Increasing revenues – not getting caught in the vanity metric of headcount. I share three strategies to grow your recruitment business so you can select what works best for you and your vision.


A manager in my early career told me – stay close to the money Jeremy. I recommend the same as you look at growth – where is the money? What are the trends you can see? How can you recognise opportunities to scale and diversify? Confidence comes from knowledge. It’s important you research your own business to see the opportunities within it.


Love them or hate them – a business plan can give you the wireframe to help you guide the growth of your business and ensure you are on track to hit your objectives. A busines plan does not need to be a heavy document. It should inspire you to want to take the necessary action to bring it to life. Let’s get to it and get planning together.


Weirdly, most agencies are rubbish at hiring. With a 60% attrition rate in the industry it’s obvious. You don’t have to fall foul of this statistic. There is a difference between being good at recruitment and being good at hiring. I’ve helped multiple businesses grow from less than five heads to over 30 with good hiring practices. Let me share some ideas with you.

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So, you’ve reached the end of Stage Five … what next?

In this video Jeremy shares his advice on where to take your journey next. In our experience, recruiters join Talent Builder for the content. They choose to stay for the community and who it helps them to become.

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