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Avatar Call [Playbook]

Avatar sales calls create increased opportunities – set your goals and objectives with this playbook

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Business Planning Guide

Want to get clear on setting goals for your future? Use this Business Planning Guide

Call Planner

Get the most from your client calls with this call planner to help you focus on goals and outcomes for your calls.

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Competencies of Recruitment Consultants

If you are looking to include competency based interviewing when recruiting recruiters for your team this guide has the full frameworks for the seven top competencies of a successful recruiter.

Consultative Selling Guide

A simple guide to help you develop your consultative selling skills

Double Your Response Rate

A series of 3 email templates shown in the LIVE session Double Your Linkedin Response Rate

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Friendly Face Grid

Develop more embedded relationships with the clients or even target clients you speak …

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Gold Client Assessment Tool

Review your client base and your relationships with those clients with this tool.

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Guide to Recruiting Recruiters

This guide contains example interview process for both graduate/inexperienced consultants and those who already have industry experience.

HVC Sell In Call [Playbook]

About to do some High Value Candidate sell in calls? Use this desk tool to make sure you are getting the most from your time

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Lifetime Value of a Candidate

Have this valuable infographic with accompanying questions to hand and discover the lifetime value of your candidates

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Linkedin Checklist

Use this checklist to give your Linkedin profile a refresh and make sure it is performing at it’s best

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My Key Priorities

Get clear on where your focus should be with My Key Priorities planning tool.

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My Vision

What is the vision for your business? Use this planning tool to get clear on your vision.

Positioning Statement Template

Use this planning tool to craft your perfect positioning statement

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Reference Call [Playbook]

Keep this playbook sheet to hand when you are conducting Reference calls

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Resourcing Plan

A powerful checklist to cover the important steps from 1 hour to 48 hours of …

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The 16 Most Powerful Words for Persuasion

Influence and persuasion are integral in the job of any recruitment …

Tone of Voice Exercise

A handly planning tool to help you develop your own brand Tone of Voice and achieve consistency in your messaging.

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Universal Checklist

A valuable checklist that as the name suggests has a whole heap of uses … print it out, laminate it, keep it on your desk!

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Value Propositions

This planning tool will help you define and get clear on your value proposition.

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