6. What makes you stand out?

What is it that you believe makes you stand out as the recruitment partner of choice in your market.

How does that compare to what you think your competitors are saying?

Ask your existing clients why they choose to work with you. They will have the personal experience of being your customer and will know why they continue to work with you. Getting customers involved isn’t cheating!

To help you to pull through the right thought processes, consider this template:

What is the experience you create for the clients you work with? I protect my clients from the risk of hiring the wrong person whilst reducing the stress of recruitment and selection. A hassle free, easy to manage process that helps clients outperform others who are hiring for the same skills.
What results do you generate for your customers? What could you measure? Reduce the average time to hire and increasing retention, saving money long term.
How do you do this consistently? Effective deep dive interviews with candidates to assess motivation, capability and potential. In-depth scoping meetings with clients to understand the goals and expectations at 30, 60 and 180 days of new hires.
What are the activities you do that make this happen? Perpetual talent mapping across the market to identify rising stars and top performers Every new role is qualified in a briefing call with the client to discuss and agree the profile of person and the assessment process to be used. All Interviews are pre booked to work at the right speed and interviews are based upon recruiter recommendation rather than CV




We have created a simple template to enable you to x-ray your own service offering and pull together your USPs and Value Propositions.  This exercise will help you recognise the chain it creates to ultimately drive the experience your customers want.

Most clients are left wanting by their agency. You hear it enough “we’ve had a bad experience”. This demonstrates that what they expected and what they got are two different things.