This toolkit has been developed specifically for recruitment professionals who are seeking to give themselves an unfair advantage when it comes to developing more business. It is designed to help you develop a robust sales pack to ensure you get maximum return from your sales activity.

Just think back to when you started in recruitment. What were you given by your manager to help you achieve the most from your sales activity?

Few recruiters are given much more than a couple of days training, a job form (if you’re lucky) and the company terms and conditions.

Having stepped into the offices of over 500 recruitment agencies, only a handful had developed meaningful collateral designed to enable their sales people to close more business.

This Sales Toolkit will provide you with the wireframe to create everything you need to succeed in today’s competitive sales environment. Each component will give you the blueprint to open more accounts and win good quality business.

Before you dive in, I do have some words of caution for you:

  • Everyone is looking for that quick fix, magic button to make sales happen easily. It doesn’t exist and it won’t happen. It takes discipline and consistency to make it happen.
  • Your market is not special. Nor are you. If you choose to filter the content of this with “my market is different, so this won’t work” or “I don’t need to do this because…” the only person you convince is yourself.
  • Prospects don’t care about what you do – they care about the results that it creates for them. If you don’t know the outcomes you generate for your customers, then you’re going to find it hard to win new clients consistently.
  • Selling on price is a dangerous place to be. As is buying your own mantra that in your market clients won’t pay it. They do – only to those who prove they are worth and refuse to work at the bargain bin rate of the masses.

This toolkit is a template pack for you to develop into your own. It needs to be invested in for it to deliver results. It needs to be created in the order that I’ve presented it to you, as each component relates to the previous. Although I’ve included examples, it is important you put the calories into developing your own, bespoke to you and your business.

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